Product Assembly

Over 30 years working in the Aerospace industry we have built an understanding of special sealants, sealing and special processes, so we can control the total process from start to finish. This has enabled us to be recognised as a high quality CNC machining company across the Aerospace sector, for example gaining Airbus assembly approval. Our multi skilled workforce, with traditional hand skills developed over many years and an eye for detail takes a great pride in the quality of their workmanship.

Finally before your order is shipped our comprehensive test processes ensure that we maintain our reputation for zero defects.

Because we are working towards world class manufacturing we now have a finely tuned assembly process offering improved lead times, high quality and repeatability giving you value for money. Our project management provides you with a solution, gives you a one stop shop and leaves you free to do your own job secure in the knowledge that we will deliver an attractive looking, high quality finished final product, keeping you informed of every step and shortening your supply chain.

Complex assembly using a variety of techniques, diverse processes, a comprehensive range of treatments and a range of skills from our highly skilled motivated workforce means that all parts are made and assembled in house. Examples include manufacturing in a temperature controlled environments or using heat and cryogenic techniques to ensure an optimum fit.

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